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1. AH-40 Reverse Osmosis Membrane Fungicide

2. AH-JO6 Basic Membrane Scale Inhibitor

3. AH-D10 Special Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor for Power Plant

4. AHN-100 Reverse Osmosis Scale Inhibitor (Concentrate)

5. AH-Y10 Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor

6. AH-SO6 Film Scale Inhibitor [Acidic]

7. Corrosion Inhibitor for Water Injection in AH-T20 Oilfield

8. AH-S04 Reverse Osmosis Cleaner (Acidic)

Scale inhibitor is used to reduce the risk of scaling in membrane system before RO enters water, and cleaning agent is used to clean insoluble inorganic salts such as CaCO3, iron salt, inorganic colloid sulfate, etc.