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Water quality monitoring in spring still needs to be vigilant against five majo

发布时间:2019-05-29 10:24:01

Five major problems faced by water quality monitoring at the present stage
Water quality monitoring in China started later than that in developed countries. There are still some problems, which can be summarized as follows:
  (1)  Lack of targeted water quality testing standards

At present, China implements a unified water quality testing standard, without considering the differences between different regions and different water bodies. Taking drinking water as an example, in areas with serious pollution and complicated water sources, even if the water quality is fully analyzed, there may still be some contaminants that have not been removed. It is necessary to determine some more specific refined indicators; in areas with better water quality, a comprehensive analysis is a waste of monitoring resources.
  (2) The cost of monitoring is too high to be popularized in an all-round way.

Most of the instruments used for water quality detection are precision instruments, which are expensive and costly for later maintenance. Therefore, only some large water quality monitoring centers are able to match all the instruments. The monitoring capacity of some small and medium-sized cities and rural areas is also limited. To a certain extent, this has led to the uneven distribution of water quality monitoring centers and the difference of monitoring level in the whole country.
  (3) The level of third-party testing institutions is uneven, and it is difficult to manage them uniformly.

In order to promote the collection of powers in the national surface water environmental quality monitoring, the state started the work of surface water extraction and measurement separation in October 2017. The third-party monitoring agencies are responsible for sampling, and the water samples are encrypted and sent to the monitoring and analysis center. Although this method improves the reliability of water quality information to a certain extent, the inaccuracy of water quality information will be caused by the inaccuracy of the actual operation due to the different levels of third-party organizations. In addition, because the competent authorities mainly choose the third-party testing institutions through bidding, the phenomenon of low-price competition follows, to a certain extent, affecting the quality of water quality testing work, which has a negative impact on water quality data.
  (4)  Excessive dependence on imports for precision equipment

   Most of the instruments used for water quality monitoring belong to precision instruments and equipment. There is still a gap between China and developed countries in the manufacture of precision instruments and equipment. Although the localization of testing instruments has made great progress, the precision equipment still mainly depends on imports, resulting in high testing costs

  (5) Lack of professionals

With the continuous improvement of water quality monitoring technology, the professional quality requirements of operators are also improved. Especially the technicians in charge of water quality monitoring need not only skilled operation of instruments, but also the ability to predict and respond in advance according to the changes of water quality indices. Because of the late start of water quality monitoring in China, the limited scale of technical personnel and the lack of professionalism.