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High-quality new three-board environmental protection enterprises, who can take

发布时间:2019-05-29 10:08:23

What kind of environmental protection companies can be listed on the GEM? Energy-saving and environmental protection are one of the six key areas encouraged by SCB. In the "Recommendation Guidelines for Listing SCB Enterprises in Shanghai Stock Exchange", it is pointed out that: (1) Enterprises that are recommended for listing in the field of energy-saving and environmental protection are mainly engaged in high-efficiency energy-saving products and equipment, advanced environmental protection technology and equipment, advanced environmental protection products, resource recycling, new energy automobiles and key components of new energy automobiles. Power batteries and related technical services, etc. (2) In terms of company characteristics, enterprises should have strong technological innovation capabilities; and (3) the company's market value, profit scale and other aspects meet one of the "five standards".
In the screening of comprehensive business types, R&D capabilities and profitability scale, 21 companies have the most prominent science and technology innovation genes. We screened the new third board companies from three aspects: first, to select the sub-sectors with higher scientific and technological content in the environmental protection industry chain; second, to screen companies with higher R&D expenditure and R&D personnel; third, to screen companies with higher gross and net profit margins and with higher revenue and net profit in line with the Five Standards. According to the above conditions, we screened out 21 new environmental protection companies with scientific wound plate genes, including: 
 Water environment treatment: Jindalai (distributed sewage), Xindayu (heavy metal wastewater), Anjieshi (oilfield wastewater), ultra-pure environmental protection (industrial wastewater), pioneering environmental protection (membrane water treatment), Jingyu environment (industrial municipal wastewater, landfill leachate), water treatment (ecological restoration); 
 Industry & Building Energy Conservation: Huaxin Energy, Trier, Fengtian Science and Technology, Kechuanglan, Billion, Benefit Energy Conservation, Hauter Energy Conservation; 
Solid Waste & Resource Recovery: Dechang Environmental Energy (kitchen waste), Lutheran Environment (high water content solid waste disposal), Heinol (small and medium-sized town solid waste disposal), Baohai Microelement (resource utilization);
 Flue gas control: Violaceae environmental protection (VOCs); 
Acoustic environment control: Green Acoustics (noise and vibration pollution control), Divine environmental protection (noise control, live cleaning).