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The Ministry of Ecology and Environment will issue a new policy

发布时间:2019-05-29 10:01:27

Recently, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment formulated "Opinions on Guiding Enterprises'Environmental Law-abiding Work" (Draft for Opinions). It clearly pointed out that for general illegal acts, we should be cautious to use seizure and seizure and other means to prohibit simple and crude "one size fits all" acts such as "stop first, then negoticate" and "shut down all". 
That is to say, from now on, when environmental protection departments enforce the law, they can no longer use "discretion" at will, but the power has been regulated and restricted. For general illegal acts, punishment and education should be taken into account, guidance and help enterprises to rectify and transform. 
In addition to standardizing law enforcement, the new policy also requires environmental protection departments to publicize information according to law, ensure the people's right to know and supervise, strengthen the disclosure of environmental protection information, broaden the channels of public participation, and create a good environment for enterprises to abide by the law. 
In order to encourage people to supervise and report, the new policy proposes to explore incentive reporting mechanism, and to provide appropriate incentives for reporting major violations and crimes, whether units or individuals, if verified. 
In terms of law enforcement means, the new policy calls for the use of high-tech means to improve efficiency, such as satellite remote sensing, UAV, automatic monitoring, big data and other science and technology, to give full play to the role of Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, to ensure the scientific, accurate, timely and targeted enforcement of environmental protection law, and to reduce the negative impact on formal enterprises.
For a long time before, people compared environmental law enforcement and enterprises to "cats and mice". If you catch them, I will hide them. As soon as you go, I will continue. Such an effect not only wastes a lot of manpower, financial and material resources, but also fails to achieve the desired effect. 
The Ministry of Ecology and Environment drafted "Opinions on Guiding Enterprises'Environmental Law-abiding Work" to break the bottleneck of environmental law enforcement in the past, improve the efficiency of environmental law enforcement, and cultivate and enhance the consciousness and ability of enterprises to abide by the law consciously. 
On the point of "prohibiting the enforcement of environmental protection law simply and crudely", this new policy is expected and praised. We hope that more such supporting rules will be introduced in the future to improve the level of environmental protection law enforcement and protect the rights and interests of formal and legitimate enterprises.